Green Showcase Overview

The “Green Showcase” is MIECF’s exhibition component, presenting a wide array of environmentally beneficial and economically sustainable products and solutions, which will involve both local and global eco-maintenance programs, green technologies and technical transfers. Visitors will garner the latest information on energy efficiency, clean energy, green building, green transportation, waste and water management solutions and other related services.
Regional pavilions to be found at the Green Showcase will include: Pan-Pearl River Delta (PPRD), European Union, USA and the International Pavilion. There will be a “Prime Exhibitors” zone featuring leading brands.

Exhibitor Profile
Renewable Energy

  • Building Technology, Facility Management
  • Energy Conservation
  • Low Carbon City
  • Smart Grid
Renewable Energy
  • Solar Energy (PV & Thermal)
  • Bio-energy
  • Wind Power
  • Hybrid Systems
Green Building
  • Advanced Electronic Heating and Cooling Systems
  • Building Construction Services and Solutions
  • Building Management Systems
  • Cooling & Insulation
  • LED / Energy Efficient Lighting
  • Natural Lighting, Compact/ Natural Fluorescent Lights
  • Passive Infra Reds (PIRS) to Switch-Off lighting/ Lux Levels
  • Smart Grid
  • Smart Meters / Power Quality Analyzers
Green Mobility
  • Electric and Hybrid Vehicles
  • Charging Stations
  • Battery and Storage Solutions
Waste and Water Management Solutions
  • Waste Management, Recycling
  • Waste-to Energy
  • Water Conservation
  • Air-Pollution Control, Noise Control
  • Project Financing, Consulting
  • Measurement, Instrumentation
  • Testing, Inspection & Certification
  • Green Education, Careers
  • Government, Associations
  • Education & Training
  • Industry / Trade Association
  • Insurance Services
  • Investment & Promotion Agency
  • Legal Services
  • Project Developer
  • Research & Development Center / Agency