The Exhibition of Master Plan for the New Town

In November 2009, the Central People’s Government of the People’s Republic of China officially agreed and approved the reclamation of 350 hectares of land for the New Town of Macao, under the request of “Scientific Planning, Rational Distribution and Economized Utilization”. The Secretariat for Transport and Public Works of the Macao Special Administrative Region immediately carried out the related works, and has commissioned the Urban Planning Society of China (中國城市規劃學會) to carry out studies on the Master Plan for the New Town. Local professional associations from related sectors, namely urban planning, engineering, construction, architectural, ecological and economic had also participated in the related studies, in a concerted effort to bring out the best solution.

The objectives of Master Plan of the New Town, which is in line with Macao’s urban development position as a “global center of tourism and recreation”, aim to improve the overall quality of life for local residents, while enhancing sustainable development of Macao, hence, implementing the concept of policy address of the Macao Special Administrative Region.

Public consultation of the Master Plan is conducted in the following 3 phases:

  1. Phase I – Public Consultation on the Conceptual Plan (2010);
  2. Phase II – Public Consultation on the Draft Plan (2011);
  3. Phase III – Public Consultation on the Proposed Plan (2012).
The comparisons of various draft plans can demonstrate a variety of analytical methods, different values, and diverse perspectives in the planning process. This enables the general public to understand the opportunities and limitations that Macao is facing; hence reaching consensus through public participations.

Bird's eye view of the Master Plan for the New Town (Draft Plan One)

Bird's eye view of the Master Plan for the New Town (Draft Plan Two)