Macao The Green Gateway: Green Knowledge, Green Technology, Green Finance
2010MIECF institutionalizes the Green Gateway for a more effective engagement of green resources in the growing markets of the 9+2 provinces/regions of Southern China. In line with the global drive for climate change management, this event represents an important exchange platform for Green Knowledge and Technology Transfer, as well as Green Finance.

2010MIECF -The Green Gateway will bring together a global gathering of leading players, advocates and supporters, gurus of the environmental conservation movement and green industry. As in previous editions of MIECF, it is hosted by the Government of Macao SAR. The provincial and regional governments in Pan-Pearl River Delta Region will be re-invited to be the co-organizers and The National Development and Reform Commission of the People’s Republic of China and Ministry of Environment and Protection of the People’s Republic of China will be re-invited to be the Special Supporting Organizations for 2010MIECF.

MIECF is an important annual forum-led event, accompanied by a green exhibition platform, which spearheads and promotes greater local and international co-operation in the sharing of the latest green technologies and eco-solutions for critical environmental issues. This is the place to showcase your products and solutions.

It's the ultimate market place to be, to engage, interact and develop cooperative initiatives as well as to establish network; and set in motion eco-solutions for containing global warming. 2010MIECF -The Green Gateway presents the maximum networking opportunity through a series of programs, including lively:

  • Green Forum
  • Green Showcase
  • Green Matching
  • Green Business Co-operation Day
  • Green Gala and more

An exchange platform for Green Knowledge, Green Technology and Green Finance.

An Invitation
The Government of Macao SAR invites you to participate in 2010MIECF -The Green Gateway, 8-10 April, 2010, Macao.

Engage your Green Business
If you wish to exhibit or join as delegate or visitor, please register.  

Incentive Packages
Take advantage of the proactive and attractive Incentive Packages aimed at supporting organizations and delegates around the world to be at Macao-the Green Dot. Accommodation privileges for international delegates, includes “Delegate Incentive Plan” and “Trade Visitor Incentive Plan” will be provided on a first come first serve basis. Contact us now for more information. (Deadline: 15 March 2010. Conditions apply.)

Government of the Macao Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China

National Development and Reform Commission of the People’s Republic of China
Ministry of Environmental Protection of People’s Republic of China

People’s Government of Fujian Province
People’s Government of Jiangxi Province
People’s Government of Hunan Province
People’s Government of Guangdong Province
People’s Government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region
People’s Government of Hainan Province
People’s Government of Sichuan Province
People’s Government of Guizhou Province
People’s Government of Yunnan Province
Government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

Office of the European Union in Hong Kong and Macao
Fujian Provincial Environmental Protection Department
Jiangxi Provincial Environmental Protection Department
Hunan Provincial Environmental Protection Department
Guangdong Provincial Environmental Protection Department
Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Regional Environmental Protection Department
Department of Industry & Information Technology of Hainan Province
Sichuan Provincial Environmental Protection Department
Guizhou Provincial Environmental Protection Department
Yunnan Provincial Environmental Protection Department
Environmental Protection Department of Hong Kong
Portuguese Environment Agency
Macao Government Information Bureau (GCS)
Macau Government Tourist Office (MGTO)
Macao Economic Services (DSE)

Macau Productivity and Technology Transfer Centre
European Union Chamber of Commerce in China
Macao Chamber of Commerce
Industrial Association of Macau
Macau Importers & Exporters Association
Association of Knitting and Spinning Industry of Macao
Macau Shipper’s Association
The Macau Association of Banks
Macao Association of Building Contractors and Developers
The Macau Chinese Enterprises Association
The Macau Small and Medium Enterprises Association
European Union Business Information Programme
Hong Kong Productivity Council
Hong Kong Business Environment Council
Macao Association of Environmental Protection Industry
Macau Energy Saving Association
Macao Construction Association
Macao Engineer Association
Architect Association of Macau
The Association for Promotion of Science & Technology of Macau
Macao Association of Economic Sciences
University of Macau
Macao Polytechnic Institute
Macau Hoteliers and Innkeepers Association
Macau Hotel Association
Macau International Green Organize Union
Macau Ecological Society
Associação de Defesa do Ambiente de Macau
Guangdong Chamber of Commerce of Importers & Exporters

Government Bodies of Macao Special Administrative Region:

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Environmental Protection Bureau (DSPA)
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