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2016MIECF Macao International Environmental Co-operation

Forum & Exhibition

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31 March - 2 April

The Venetian Macao–Resort–Hotel



2016MIECF Exhibition and Networking Highlights

Hosted by the Government of the Macao Special Administrative Region, the 2016 Macao International Environmental Co-operation Forum and Exhibition (2016MIECF) comprises international conference, exhibition, business matching and networking activities, is the global networking platform for governmental officials, policymakers and environmental industry players to promote environmental co-operation between Macao, the Pan-Pearl River Delta Region of Mainland China, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Portuguese-Speaking Countries and beyond.

The theme of this year´s MIECF is “Green Economy – Opportunities for Waste Management”, discuss critical issues and latest technological breakthroughs in waste management.


Dr. h.c. Walter R. Stahel

Event Highlight

2016MIECF is pleased to announce our distinguished Keynote Speaker Professor Dr. h.c. Walter R. Stahel, the pioneer in Circular Economy and inventor of the “Cradle-to-Cradle” and “Performance Economy” concepts.

Green Showcase Offers Ample Business Opportunities

This year, the Green Showcase brings more than 460 exhibitors from 20 countries and regions of well-known regional enterprises from the environmental protection industry to participate and to showcase the latest environmental products and services. Include government departments from Macao, public utilities, environmental associations, and more.


“Waste Management Zone”, “Green Building Zone” and “Green Mobility Area” will be set up to respond to the key environmental needs in the region and to present advanced environmental technologies and solutions. Don’t miss this opportunity to explore the industry’s latest trends.


Expand your Green Network at various
Networking Events and Green Matching!

Exchange your ideas and business opportunities with like-minded professionals at the "Green Building Industry Networking" and "Pan-Pearl River Delta Environmental Technology Exchange". Join our tailor-made Green Matching service for environmental solutions and partnership potentials with our exhibitors, trade visitors and hosted buyers!


Exhibitor Highlights

Airypack Company Limited


Product/ Service: Eco-friendly Patented Pack

Booth No.: F71



AiryPack is an eco-packaging company developing alternative paper packaging solutions that is more environmentally friendly than traditional packaging; their products have been certified and awarded Green Label and Low Carbon Label in Mainland China and Hong Kong. Its patented technology features the lightness of design as well as minimal glue application processes.


Target market/ clientele:

Banking and financial institute, insurance companies, hotels, property companies, governmental departments, advertising and design agencies and marketing and PR Firms.


Associated Engineers, Limited


Product/ Service: Dr. Comp Food Waste Composter

Booth No.: G40


Associated Engineers aims to reduce the amount of waste from the source and to transform waste into useful substances. Dr. Comp Food Waste Composter is capable of transforming food waste into organic fertilizer, providing nutrients for plants while reducing solid waste volume and minimizing sewage issues caused by food waste.


Bona AB/ Bonkit Wooden Floor Care Ltd


Product/ Service: Wood Floor Treatment

Booth No.: H44


Bona from Sweden founded in 1919, is world leading innovator with a unique system for wooden floor treatment. Bonkit is the sole agent of Bona in Hong Kong and Macao, provide professional wood floor protection and maintenance services and wooden floor treatment products for household and commercial use. All of their products have awarded international environmental certification.


Target market/ clientele:

As long as there is solid wooden floor or Engineering wooden floor both outdoor and indoor, Bonkit can provide professional protect and maintenance service.



CESL Asia – Investments & Services, Limited


Booth No.: H16

With over 27 years of existence and over 400 employees, CESL Asia is a Macao company with the reputation and the local competence to provide professional services ranging from architectural, engineering and planning consultant; facilities management; investments, technology and assets and industrialized services and processes.

emco electroroller GmbH


Product/ Service: e-scooter

Booth No.: A51


EMCO electric scooter has been on the market since 2011. With over 350 verified dealers, emco is Germany’s biggest electric scooter provider. As part of the emco group, emco electroroller GmbH is a reliable partner with a strong industrial enterprise as a background. The emco group, with over 1300 employees and its 70 years of experience in different branches and areas takes over an outstanding position.


Target market/ clientele:

Government authorities, such as trade and development, environmental related and civil related.


Hua Hong Construction & Engineering Co. LTD


Booth No.: H52



Hua Hong Construction & Engineering was founded in 2012, has a diverse system services based in Macao. The experienced over the years provides the company a solid foundation in the construction industry. It is expected that in the next few years, the company will led the trend in low-carbon environmental protection and clean air construction.

Hinomaru Sangyo (HK) Ltd


Product/ Service: Chaco Paint

Booth No.: J43


Chaco Paint has 7 harm-eliminating effect, which include: Detoxification, removes harmful substances such as formaldehyde, ammonia and toluene; Dehumidification, helps to balance humidity, keep the environment comfortable and prevent the formation of mold; Sterilization, special antimicrobial agent; Wave elimination, absorb electro-magnetic waves; Anti-acidification, maintain a favorable anti-acidification environment; Debility therapy, releases healthy frequency and PM2.5 eliminate.


Target market/ clientele:

Chinese Mainland, Macao, Hong Kong and more.


Megaman (HK) Electrical & Lighting Ltd


Product/ Service: Dim to Warm LEDs

Booth No.: G30


MEGAMAN® Dim to Warm lamps are dimmed from 100% to 10%, their colour temperature changes smoothly from a cool 2800K to a warm 1800K which imitates exactly the colour of dimmed incandescent or halogen. The full suite of Dim to Warm LEDs is perfect for creating a relaxing environment after a hard day at work.


Target market/ clientele:

Bar, restaurant and hotel.



Nam Kwong Natural Gas Company Limited


Product/ Service: Pipelines Network

Booth No.: K22


Nam Kwong Natural Gas as natural gas public service operation company of the Macao Special Administrative Region (SAR), is engaged in the construction of pipelines network, distribution and sales of natural gas though the network, Nam Kwong will try hard to build a natural gas net work of international level in Macao.


Target market/ clientele:

Industrial and commercial users, public and public service users, gas facilities operators and fueling station operators.



One Link TechnologyService Co. Ltd


Product/ Service: Ecolet Self-cycle Flushing Toilet

Booth No.: G44


Ecolet is self-cycle flushing toilet with no water supply connection and no drainage connection. It treats waste water with biological bacteria and with no chemical material. It keeps water recycled inside and not discharged at all. It also costs electricity consumption of only about 70W per day which is the lowest in the industry. Expect for regular inspection of water volume in a treating chamber, Ecolet needs no other maintenance. For large-scale Ecolet, it can be used about 80,000 times for one time filling of water, and can be used from minus 20 degree Celsius up to 50 degree Celsius. Ecolet can transport to destination by various means. It is ready for use soon after installation. Ecolet can be customized on the client’s needs.




Product/ Service: Environmental, Energy and Civil Engineering

Booth No.: F56


OWAC is an engineering company composed of a team of skilled professionals with a long expertise on the waste-to-energy sector. Having achieved a solid international experience through projects on industrial plants and their construction around the globe, OWAC can be the ideal advisor for those entrepreneurs who intend to diversify or strengthen their business in the field of environmental protection.


Powerz Enterprises Ltd.


Product/ Service: PZG01 Glass Processor

Booth No.: G45



Powerz is a solution and equipment provider of environmental technology of municipal solid waste as well as trading of recycled glass “green” construction material. It also offers a complete line of mobile, reliable and safe bin-tipping equipment. The innovative Smart City solution Enevo ONe optimizes waste collection by utilizing wireless sensors to measure the fill-level of waste containers and forecasts when the containers will be full. It then automatically optimizes the collection plans and routes, saving up to 50% in total operation costs.


Target market/ clientele:

Hotel and resort, casino, club, bar and restaurant, cleaning company and government bureau.



Koln Environmental Engineering Consultancy


Product/ Service: Electric Bus

Booth No.: B52


Koln Environmental Engineering Consultancy is committed to boosting the development of regional environmental industry. To achieve this mission we set ourselves ambitious quality objectives in the process of developing , selling, pre-sale and after sale service, environmental improvement projects management and contracting. This year at MIECF, Koln will showcase a pure electric bus developed and manufactured in Australia, which can drive over 1000 kilometers with a full charge of 2-3 hours. Our bus holds the record for longest distance travelled on a single charge. With zero emissions during operation, it is absolutely safe and reliable.


Target market:

Southeast Asia, North America, South America, Eastern Europe, Australia and so on.


Casinos, hotels, bus companies, travel agencies, associations, and other car rental companies.





Tongfang Co., Ltd.


Booth No.: E30



Tongfang Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company established in 1997. It has developed 12 industry clusters which has a close link to national development and people’s well-being, such as smart chip , computer, digital city , big data applications, multimedia, mobile internet, knowledge networks, military, security, semiconductors and lighting, environmental technology, energy saving and environmental protection.


Target market:

Ssmart cities and energy saving.


City planners and builders (such as government and enterprises).





>>2016MIECF Exhibitor List<<  


Green Forum

A total of 6 sessions and 1 special session will be held at the Green Forum, over 45 international experts will discuss the opportunities and challenges in waste management, including business strategies for manufacturing and waste management sectors, green hospitality, and solutions for construction and demolition waste. The Green Forum provides an exceptional opportunity to gain insights from many of the most influential people in the industry and to develop contacts with top-level and informed decision-makers across the sector.


>>2016MIECF Green Forum Program<<


2016MIECF Main Activities

♦ Green Forum

♦ Green Showcase

♦ Green Business Co-operation Day

♦ Green Matching

♦ Green Building Industry   Networking Session  


♦ PPRD Environmental Technology Exchange

♦ Seminars& Presentations

Green Gala and Networking Events

Green Public Day

♦ Technical Visit

♦ Eco-Market Macao

♦ Concurrent Events

We look forward to meeting you in 2016MIECF!

31 March - 2 April

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