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Ms. Yan Yao

Yao Yan, the president of China Building Materials Academy,director of state key laboratory of green building materials,senior engineer (professor),  PhD supervisor.

She has engaged herself in building material research and development for years. And in recent years, she also devoted herself to the organization and management of scientific research projects as well as enterprise management. As the principal or one of the leaders, she has completed more than 30 national and professional level scientific research projects. She has taken charge of and participated in the many programs including the safety of concrete research of key projects, research of new type of high performance concrete and its durability, green manufacturing building materials, Major Project of Chinese National Programs for Fundamental Research, Reconstruction Program, and International Cooperation Programs. The research results of the programs have been widely applied, more than 16 of which have won the Second Award for Nation Science Development and the provincial or ministerial level Science &Te

Recycling and Reuse of Building Waste

Recycling and reuse of building waste has been a hot research topic in many countries. The principle ‘Building waste is not waste but resources’ is accepted globally. The recycling rate of building waste exceeds 70% in many countries, though the rate in China is rather low and only around 5%. It is a long way to go for China.

This report had a survey on the experiences and development of reutilization of building waste in developed countries. It outlined the relevant policies and regulations on waste processing and reuse, as well as codes and standards of products. In addition, it introduced Chinese technologies of waste sorting, processing and reutilization with independent intellectual property rights, and the properties of recycled products. Moreover, A resolution is proposed to improve the recycling level of building waste in China. 

chnology Advancement Prize. She has published more than 100 academic papers, and  compiled 2 works and 3 paper collections.