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Ms. Yawei Chen

Dr. Yawei Chen MSc is an Assistant Professor in Urban Development Management in the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. Her research examines how Cities in West European and East Asian context re-position and re-profile their cities in post-industrial era towards more knowledge-intensive, service-oriented and ecologically modernized economy. Her research focuses on the development strategies of knowledge clusters in key Eorpean and Asian cities and the role of the state in these cities’ urban transformation process. Her publications include “Shanghai Pudong. Urban development in an era of global-local interaction (IOS Press, 2007); “Neo-liberal inspired large-scale urban development projects (UrDPs) in Chinese cities” in The Routledge Companion to Urban Regeneration (Leary and McCarthy, eds., Routledge 2013); Making Shanghai a creative city: exploring the creative cluster strategy from a Chinese perspective, in the book Creative knowledge cities: Myth, visions and realities (van Geenhuizen and Nijkamp, eds., Edward Elgar, 2012). She co-edited the theme – Managing urban development processes in the Netherlands and implication for Chinese context, for Chinese Journal Urban Planning International, 26 (3). She has been granted research secondments in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Macao through the EU funded Marie Curie project Urban Knowledge Network Asia (UKNA).