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Mr. António Trindade

Successful entrepreneur, business and community leader, Mr. António Trindade was grown and groomed academically in West Africa and Europe and has now over three decades of a successful business and professional experience in Asia and Europe from a base in Hong Kong and Macau.

In his professional career he has been dedicated to innovation in business, to excellence in professional application of knowledge and to investment with a social impact in the Asian and European markets. His investment and management experience is broad and diverse, in areas that range from property and infrastructure development, to public and commercial facilities/infrastructure operations, with a focus on the efficient use of resources for critical services in complex facilities.

Mr. António Trindade is the President and CEO of Macau’s CESL Asia Investments and Services Limited (www.ceslasia.com) since 1998. The Group’s services range from environmental, energy and technical facilities management, to architectural, engineering and other development services and includes the investment in assets and technologies related with New Energy and New Water. Under Mr. Trindade leadership, the company established a reputation to provide a wide range of services and technology solutions, meeting the highest standards of services, by local people and well suited for local needs.

The company distinguishes itself for being a people’s company with a pioneering and innovative social investment program, for developing local talent, for encouraging collaborative performance, progressive mindset and diversity as a way to do better with integrity.

As an investor/owner, Mr. A. Trindade is one of the leading shareholders of Macau’s CESL
Asia, participated in the development and operation of the award winning CampoReal Resort in Portugal and, more recently, he leads the development of CPV Energia I & II, Limitada, companies set-up in Portugal to develop solar power plants and for the promotion and development of MAGPOWER technology, a leading HCPV solar technology.