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Ms. Fran Hughes

Fran Hughes is Director at ITP (the International Tourism Partnership). ITP is a membership organisation which facilitates collaboration between the world’s leading hotel companies. Fran leads ITP’s strategy on human rights, carbon and water. ITP was one of the leading organisations behind the Hotel Carbon Measurement Initiative (HCMI), a methodology to enable hotels to consistently measure and report on carbon emissions. HCMI is used by over 21,000 hotels globally. ITP’s work on water has included a Water Risk Assessment Report to help the hotel industry better understand local water conditions and risks in key development areas; facilitating dialogue between ITP members and key stakeholders and specialists to explore the issues, challenges and opportunities the sector faces, as well as developing educational events and resources. ITP’s Hotel Water Measurement Initiative (HWMI) working group was formed in March 2015 to develop a methodology to measure and report on water consumption in a consistent manner across the hotel industry, and is supported by technical consultants KPMG. The HWMI methodology will be launched publicly in September 2016. Fran has over 20 years’ experience in the tourism industry, holds a Master’s in Environmental Strategy and is an Associate of the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment.