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Mr. José Pedro Salema

José Pedro Salema is, since 2013, the CEO & Chairman of EDIA – a Portuguese public company responsible for managing the Alqueva Project. This multi-purpose undertaking includes Europe’s largest water reservoir, hydropower generation, 2000 km long water distribution network, 120,000 hectares of irrigated land, tourism promotion and a very demanding environment monitoring program.

Previously he was the founder and co-CEO of AGROGESTÃO (a software and consultancy firm for agribusiness) for over 16 years. There he was the co-creator of the leading Portuguese software for farm management which is now used by thousands of agribusinesses.

He is graduated in Agronomic Engineering with a major in Farm Management and Rural Economics (1997), has an MBA in E-Business (2002) and a Master in Management (2005).

He’s an experienced consultant on agribusiness with a focus on management software, a certified trainer and a hands-on team leader. Passionate about our planet he dreams on turning it a little greener through the broader use of renewable energy and a high yield/ low input farming.