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Ms. Rebecca Donnellan

Rebecca is Director of Sustainability at MGM and responsible for overseeing MGM’s environmental sustainability program, specifically managing projects for: energy and water conservation, waste and recycling, green building, green procurement and employee engagement. At MGM, we believe an environmentally-responsible business is a better business that not only brings clear business opportunities to MGM but also the local community through our employees who are supported to adopt environmentally-responsible behavior at work and at home. Rebecca works across departments from Hotel Operations, Food & Beverage and Facilities Management, to Design and Development, HR and Procurement, in an effort to integrate sustainability considerations into operations. Through MGM’s environmental sustainability program, MGM has reduced energy consumption by 28% since 2008, water consumption by 13% since 2012, and waste sent to the incinerator by 7% in 2015 alone. Under Rebecca’s guidance, MGM was awarded the Macau Green Hotel Award in Gold in 2015.


Environmental Sustainability is part of MGM’s overarching sustainability program, covering material social and environmental impact areas, with the vision to Create a Better Tomorrow Today.