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Mr. Torben Kristiansen

Torben Kristiansen has more than 24 years of international solid waste management (SWM) experience from Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. As Vice President, he leads a department of 100 professionals that are active in more than 30 countries, based primarily on the Scandinavian Hub of specialists. Furthermore, he is leading the Scandinavian contingent of 250 specialists in the international solid waste business development. Kristiansen has developed waste management legislation in several countries, developed national policies and guidelines as well as managed waste-to-energy, landfill, resource recovery, waste sorting facilities development and medical waste management projects in several countries


The Northern European Approach to (practically) Zero Waste

In Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands etc. only 2—6% of the total waste generation is now landfilled, and significant amounts of waste is instead either utilized for material recovery/recycling or energy recovery. The presentation will introduce the historic development towards today’s success, the challenges along the way as well as today’s challenges of now needing to divert more waste from energy recovery towards material recovery as part of the recent resource strategies in many of the Northern European/Scandinavian countries. The use of fiscal and regulatory tools as well as the methods used for securing a predictable and robust long-term investment environment for the desirable waste management technologies will be discussed including the change in policies and resulting adjustment of fiscal and regulatory tools over the past decades. Furthermore, the expected changes to policies and hence, the use of waste treatment technologies, will be discussed, as a consequence to increased focus on resource efficiency, circular economy and maintaining valuable resources and nutrients for future generations. Finally, the presentation will illustrate the effects of different approaches to regulation, organisation and financing in terms of efficiencies in achieving excellent service and acceptable prices.