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Forum Program

2016MIECF – Green Forum Grid and Topics

Day 1

31 March 2016


2016MIECF Opening Ceremony

The Venetian Ballroom (Level 3)

Welcome Address

Keynote Addresses

Invited VIPs (Key Government Official and Special Supporting Organisations)

Mr. Xu Nanping, Vice-Minister of Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China 

Mr. Lv Wenbin, Deputy Director General of Department of Resource Conservation and Environmental Protection, National Development and Reform Commission of the People’s Republic of China, representing Mr. Xu Shaoshi, Chairman of National Development and Reform Commission of the People’s Republic of China

Mr. Chen YanpingDeputy Director General of the General Office, Ministry of Environmental Protection of the People’s Republic of China, representing Mr. Chen Jining, Minister of Environmental Protection of the People’s Republic of China 

Keynote Speech

Professor Dr. h.c. Walter R. Stahel (Switzerland)

• Pioneer in Circular Economy; Inventor of the “Cradle to Cradle” and “Performance Economy” concepts
• Founder-Director, The Product-Life Institute, Geneva
• Full Member of the Club of Rome
• Vice-Secretary General and Director of Risk Management research of the Geneva Association
• Visiting Professor at the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences, University of Surrey, UK
• Laureate of the Mitchell-Prize Competition on sustainable societies in Houston, TX, USA. and first prize in  the competition of the German Future’s Society, Berlin


Exhibition Visit

Expo Hall A (Level 1)


Green Forum

Green Business Co-operation Day

Sicily Room (2401-2502) (Level 1)


Session 1

Sicily Room (2401-2502) (Level 1)

“Zero Waste and High Efficiency” – Blue Ocean Strategy for Business Success

Given the high level of competition in the market, many companies use various strategies to ensure their slice of the market. One well-known strategy is the Blue Ocean Strategy, which aims to build long lasting brand equity by making strategic moves to create a jump in value for the company, its buyers, and its employees while unlocking new demand and reducing competition. This session will discuss this strategy as applied to zero waste and successful transition to highly efficient processes in industries, featuring case studies from entrepreneurs and major international companies.

Moderator: Mr. AntónioTrindade, Founding President of Macao Association of Environmental Protection Industry (Macao, China)

Mr. Ricardo Neto, President and Iberian Manager of European Recycling Platform (Portugal)

- Mr. José Pedro Salema, CEO and Chairman of EDIA – Empresa de Desenvolvimento e Infraestruturas do Alqueva, S.A.(Portugal)

Mr. Wang Deyin, Executive Director and Chairman of China Water Industry Group (China)

Ms. Yawei Chen, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment at Delft University of Technology (Netherlands)

Ms. Veronique Rochet, Regional Sustainability Manager at Hennes & Mauritz AB (H&M) Shanghai (China)


Coffee Break and Exhibition Visit


Session 2

Sicily Room (2401-2502) (Level 1)

“Turning Green into Gold” – Green Business Opportunities for the Hospitality Industry

The Hospitality Industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in many parts of the world. It has one of the largest impacts on the economy and the environment. With the increase in awareness of environmental impact, many companies have adopted sustainability practices and strive to reduce waste. This session will discuss the best practices, strategies and incentives in business that are needed to promote a greener industry sector with less waste, more efficient production and higher profits. Supporting sectors such as finance, transport, waste management, and business strategies will be explored.

Moderator: Mr Sean Lee-Davies, Famous TV Program Producer and Host (Hong Kong, China)

Ms. Fran Hughes, Director of the International Tourism Partnership(United Kingdom)

-Prof. Daniel M. Cheng, Managing Director, Dunwell Enviro-Tech (Holdings) Ltd; Chairman, Federation of Hong Kong Industries (Hong Kong, China)

- Mr. Joshua Ho, Vice President, Property Services, Melco Crown Entertainment Limited (Macao, China)

- Ms. Rebecca Donnellan, Director of Sustainability at MGM (Macau) (Macao, China)

Mr. Syed Mubarak, Director of Sustainability at Sands China Ltd (Macao, China) 


Green Business Networking Cocktail Reception & Signing Ceremony

Expo Hall A (Level 1)


Day 2

1 April 2016


Green Forum

Session 3

Sicily Room (2401-2502) (Level 1)

“From Waste to Resources and Rewards” –

The Roadmap towards Circular Economy

This session presents strategies and economic incentives for businesses to adopt better waste management approaches and technologies in creating circular economy to achieve sustainable goals. Best practices in business, case studies on new technologies and effective approaches in turning the waste sector into a resource industry will be featured.

Moderator: Ms. Inês Diogo, Member of the Management Board of the Portuguese Environment Agency (APA, I.P.) (Portugal)

- Mr. Dai Xiang, Deputy Director, Department of Pollution Prevention and Control, MEP (China)

Topic: Solid Waste Environmental Management in China – Current Situations, Problems and Solutions

  - Mr. Torben Kristiansen, Vice President of the Solid Waste Management and Contaminated Sites, OCWI A/S (Denmark)

  Topic: The Northern European Approach to (Practically) Zero Waste

Mr. Iain Gulland, Chief Executive of the Zero Waste Scotland (United Kingdom)

Topic: A Roadmap to the Circular Economy: Scotland’s Progress

Dr. Lam Kwok Lun, Alain, Principal Environmental Protection Officer at Hong Kong Environmental Protection Bureau (HKEPD) (Hong Kong, China)

Topic: Producer Responsibility: Circular Economy Turning Waste Into Resources

Mr. Nigel Mattravers, Director and General Manager at ALBA Integrated Waste Solutions Ltd (Hong Kong, China)

Topic: WEEE Recycling in Mega Cities – Treasure Raw Materials

- Mr.  Li Shilong, Secretary-General, China Association of Metal Recycling (China)

Topic: Mainland renewable resources industry trends  (Waste treatment and reuse)


Session 4

Sicily Room (2403-2504) (Level 1)

“Building With Less” –

Sustainable Waste Solutions for Green Construction

This session outlines how innovation and management in buildings for government, manufacturing, and hospitality sectors can reduce carbon emissions and construction waste by-products to enhance transition towards a greener city. To solve the problems on sustainable development, challenges in construction waste disposal will be discussed, and will look into latest technologies available from design, construction and maintenance of buildings to address sustainability issues. Policies, case studies and business opportunities in the green building sector to reduce and recycle waste will also be analysed.

Moderator: Prof. Ting Seng Kiong, Professor at Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) (Singapore)

Prof. Holger Wallbaum, Professor in Sustainable Building of Chalmers University of Technology (Sweden); Member of General Assembly of Climate-KIC

TopicSustainability Performance of Construction Materials and Building Products made from Secondary Materials.

Ms. Yan Yao, President of China Building Materials Academy (China)

Topic: Resource Recovery and Utilization of Construction and Demolition Wastes

Prof. Veena Sahajwalla, Scientia Professor and Director of the SMaRT Centre (Centre for Sustainable Materials Research & Technology), UNSW (Australia); Associate Dean (Strategic Industry Relations), Faculty of Science, UNSW Australia; and Australian Research Council (ARC) Laureate Fellow (2014)

Topic: Green Materials and Recycling End-of-Life Polymers in Steelmaking – an example of successful translation of research into industry

Mr. Felix Heisel, Researcher and Architect, Assistant Professorship of Architecture and Construction Dirk E. Hebel at ETH Zurich (Singapore ETH Centre) (Switzerland)

Topic: Building from Waste

  Mr. William Ling, Chief Executive Officer of SembCorp EOSM Pte Ltd (Singapore)

Topic: Building the Future – With Innovation


Exhibition Visit

Expo Hall A (Level 1)


Special Session with Prof. Dr. h.c. Walter R. Stahel: Enhancing Waste Management through Internet Plus

Sicily Room (2401-2502) (Level 1)

In recent years, Internet of Things (IoT) has revolutionised businesses and society in many ways, especially in distribution of goods and services in various industry sectors. One of the biggest innovators is in the waste management sector. Using environmental monitoring through sensors and smart modules helps to increase savings through automation. Sorting garbage for recycling and landfill management also benefit greatly from IT-based solutions, which will then help to increase revenue through efficient logistics processes. This session aims to look at global strategies and new technologies. It will discuss the next path of development for more efficient waste management in businesses and society. 




Session 5

Green Chemical Forum- Treatment of Chemical Solid Waste and Hazardous Waste

The Green Chemical  Forum is China’s International platform for exchange between chemical industry’s practitioners on advanced concepts and technologies. This forum session focuses on concepts to improve measures for handling solid waste within the chemical industry and the sharing of advanced technologies for handling hazardous and solid waste. Furthermore, the forum will explore green strategies for sustainable development applicable to the Chinese petrochemical industry in streamlining aspects such as engineering design, integrated use and product manufacturing techniques.  Experts from China’s Ministry of Environmental Protection will be invited to the forum to explain policies affecting standards for hazardous and solid waste treatment and the forum will provide an opportunity for high profile businesses and organisations to share technologies and manufacturing research on related subjects. Industry members are welcomed to participate in this forum and provide their full efforts towards the common goal of environmental protection.  

Sicily Room (2403-2504) (Level 1)

Moderator: Mr. Pang Guanglian, Vice Secretary-General, Director of International Affairs Dept. CPCIF (China)


Mr. Zeng Jian, Vice Chairman, CPCIF (China)

Mr. Zhuang Xiangning, Division Chief, Quality, Safety & Environmental Protection DeptCPCIF (China)

Topic: Situation and Policy Recommendations on Petroleum and Chemical Industry Hazardous Waste Management

Mr. Wang Qi, Director,Solid Waste Institute, Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences (China)

Topic: Development of Solid Waste Research System

Ms. Zhang Zhe, Engineer, Hazardous Waste Dept, Solid Waste and Chemicals Management Technology Center, MEP (China)

Topic: Prospect of hazardous waste pollution prevention and control

Mr. Chen Shu Yin, Chairman, Ningbo Tiandi Huilong renewable resources Technology Co., Ltd. (China)

Topic: Solid Waste Management and Green Development


Session 6

Pan Pearl River Delta Region Session- Solid Waste Management Policies and Technology in the Pan-Pearl River Delta Region

Sicily Room (2401-2502) (Level 1)

Presidents or Association Secretaries of Environmental Industry Associations across the Pan-Pearl River Delta Region will introduce their authorities’ latest waste handling policies in each province (region), to hold exchange on the most advanced waste handling technology and products available and to further promote cooperation and development in environmental protection activities across the Pan-Pearl River Delta Region.

Moderator: Mr. Ou Jun, Secretary-General of Guangdong Association of Environmental Protection Industry  (China)


Mr. Liu Guoping, Executive Vice Chairmen Secretary-General of Fujian Association of Environmental Protection Industry (China)

Mr. Ni Zhongmin, Chairmen of Jiangxi Association of Environmental Protection Industry  (China)

Mr. Chai Tian, Secretary-General of Hunan Association of Environmental Protection Industry  (China)

Mr. Ou Yuezhou, Chairman of Guangdong Association of Environmental Protection Industry  (China)

Mr. Shao Zhijun, Vice Chairmen and Secretary-General of Guangxi Association of Sichuan Association of Environmental Protection Industry  (China)

Mr. Huang Fuping, Vice President and Secretary-General of Guangxi Association of Environmental Protection Industry  (China) 

Ms. Wang Xia, Executive Secretary, Guizhou Provincial Environmental Protection Industry Association Secretariat Office (China)

Mr. Luther Wong, Vice President of Hong Kong Environmental Industry Association (Hong Kong, China)

Mr. Hong Cheong Fai, Representative of Macau Association of Environmental Protection Industry (Macao, China)

* All information updated as of 29 March 2016. Subject to change.