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List of Speakers

2016MIECF Green Forum – Keynote Speaker


Professor Dr. h.c. Walter R. Stahel
• Pioneer in Circular Economy; Inventor of the “Cradle to Cradle” and
  “Performance Economy” concepts

• Founder-Director, The Product-Life Institute, Geneva
• Full Member of the Club of Rome
• Vice-Secretary General and Director of Risk Management research of the
  Geneva Association

• Visiting Professor at the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences,
  University of Surrey, UK

• Laureate of the Mitchell-Prize Competition on sustainable societies in
  Houston, TX, USA. and first prize in  the competition of the
  German Future’s Society, Berlin

The Product-Life Institute is the oldest consulting organisation in Europe devoted to developing sustainable strategies and policies: a virtual not-for-profit organisation which Stahel co-founded with Prof. Dr. Orio Giarini in 1982.

Since the mid-1970s, Professor Stahel has been an accomplished circular economy pioneer and an active proponent of circular thinking. His point of view is that a circular economy is about economics, and that waste managers have to become wealth preservation managers, moving up the value preservation chain.

Professor Stahel has written numerous papers on design for sustainability, as well as working as consultant to industry and policymakers world-wide on developing and designing sustainable solutions.

From 1986 to 2014, Stahel was also the head of research in risk management of the Geneva Association, the premier think-tank of the world insurance industry.


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