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Green Building Industry Networking Session

In view of the rapid infrastructural development in the region, to further enhance the role of MIECF as a regional exchange platform for environmental protection in the construction industry, the “Green Building Industry Networking Session” is organised to enable regional exchange of latest technology, information and business opportunities during 2016MIECF.

Date :1 April 2016 (Friday, 2nd day of 2016MIECF)

Time :12:00 p.m. -13:00 p.m.

Venue : Cocktail Reception Area, Hall A, The Venetian Macao Hotel Resort

Target :Associations related to green building and construction (e.g. Architects, Engineering, Contractors, Building Materials, Surveyors) from around the region, e.g. Macao, Hong Kong , Pan Pearl River Delta Region, South East Asia, Taiwan etc..; Government officials related to the green building sectors will also be invited to join the event.

Expected Number of Participants :Approx. 150 (Pre-registration only)

Proposed Agenda :

11:35-11:50 Green Building Industry Tour in Exhibition Hall (Optional)
12:00-12:05 The host introduce participating groups and key guests, as well as the whole arrangement of the association exchange session (Group Discussion)
12:05-13:00 Networking between different association members with pre-arranged sub-group based on specific green building sectors

List of Participating Groups(as at 11 March):

*by alphabetical order*

2016MIECF Green Building Industry Networking Session – Reply slip is available for download here

Proposed Day Program for Green Building Practitioner can be downloaded here