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Successful Completion of 2017MIECF Enhancing Professionalism and Highlighting its Role as a ‘Green Platform’

The three-day 2017 Macao International Environmental Co-operation Forum and Exhibition (2017MIECF) closed today (1 April). This year’s edition marked the 10-year milestone of MIECF. With continuous improvements in quality and professionalism, the event has gradually become a major fixture for the international environmental industry, highlighting its role as a prominent “Green Platform”.

In marking the 10th anniversary of MIECF, this year’s event took as its theme “Innovative Green Development for a Sustainable Future”. Since MIECF’s inception in 2008, the quality of its various activities has been constantly improving, including its complementary services, the professionalism of the way it is organised, and the event’s contribution to a great number of exchanges and business matching activities. These elements assist in ensuring that MIECF delivers fully in terms of its function as an international professional “Green Platform”. The exhibition area of 2017MIECF was of similar size to last year’s event, while a “Showcase Area for Innovative Environmental Protection Technologies” was set up this year inside the Macao Pavilion in order to highlight various innovative green technologies, products and services. Visitors also had the chance to see the debut of Beijing Pavilion and Czech Pavilion, respectively, which enabled exhibitors from the two places to display their green products and services in a more comprehensive way.

MIECF has over the years enjoyed support from countries and organisations across the world. China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology joined the special supporting line-up as fourth member this year, while delegations from provinces and regions within the Pan-Pearl River Delta (PPRD) Region and from the European Union (EU) also actively participated in this year’s event. During the “Pan-Pearl River Delta Region (PPRD) Session” at 2017MIECF – and making use of MIECF’s role as a key platform for the PPRD Region regarding exchange of ideas on green issues – Mr Jiang Xiaoting, President of Sichuan Province Environmental Science Association, shared some of the experiences and achievements of a trip to Brazil and Portugal. The trip involved a business delegation from the PPRD Region, and was organised by the Macao SAR Government. To increase further the effectiveness of 2017MIECF and to ensure that the event is fully aligned with Macao’s role as a trade and economic co-operation service platform, the Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute (IPIM) arranged, on 1 April, for delegations from the EU, the Portuguese-speaking Countries and Macao attending this year’s edition of MIECF to visit the city of Zhongshan, in Guangdong Province.

Each edition of MIECF invites a renowned expert to deliver a keynote speech. Achim Steiner, a former Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme and now the International Vice-Chair of the China Council for International Cooperation on Environment and Development (CCICED) and Director of the Oxford Martin School, was a keynote speaker this year and attended the “Green Forum” on the second day of 2017MIECF. During a special session, Mr Steiner discussed public policy and incentives regarding environmental matters, analysed relevant cases and shared his views on strategies and technologies relating to the environmental sector.

A number of networking activities were hosted during 2017MIECF, with a view to enhancing exchanges within the sector. The activities included the “Environmental Industry Networking Cocktail Reception” and the “Green Business Co-operation Day”. During the three days of 2017MIECF, 44 agreements were signed, covering collaborations between associations; eco-technology projects; ecological and environmental protection; solar power systems; and domestic waste and food waste treatment. Additionally, 273 business-matching sessions were held in the Green Business Matching Zone, of which 218 were related to the “9+2” Group of the PPRD Region.

At the “Green Forum”, a total of eight sessions were held, in addition to an extraordinary session involving sector specialists. A total of 50 renowned experts from the environmental sector – including activists, business leaders from multinational enterprises, and regional policymakers – participated in the “Green Forum”. They came from Mainland China, the United States, Australia, Brazil, the United Kingdom, Israel, Japan, Portugal, Thailand, Hong Kong and Macao. These guests conducted in-depth discussions on various topics, including: innovative green development policies; business strategies for manufacturing industries; tourism in coastal regions and cities; and green buildings. In addition, on the heels of an initiative at 2014MIECF, the organisers this year collaborated with the Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office of China’s Ministry of Environmental Protection to organise a session called “The Blueprint for Innovative Green Development”. In the session, various experts from the Ministry talked about the latest issues related to innovative green development in Mainland China, such as the ecology and environmental protection measures outlined in the 13th Five-Year Plan and the “Green Belt and Road” initiative. Green-technology strategies for environmental protection and renewable energy were also discussed, and there were presentations on case studies of projects that had successfully produced a sustainable green economy and green development. Prof. Wang Zhi Shi, Director of the Macau Environmental Research Institute at Macau University of Science and Technology, was the invited moderator for the session.

MIECF’s organiser was honoured that Mr Wong Kam-sing, Secretary for the Environment of the Hong Kong SAR Government, accepted an invitation to be the keynote speaker of the session “The Ways to Drive Higher Performance in Green Buildings”. Prof. Ouyang Zhiyun, Deputy Director of the Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences, delivered a speech at a session on “Sustainable Coastal Management, Climate Adaptation and Resilience of Cities”, where Mr Nuno Lacasta, President of the Board of the Portuguese Environment Agency (APA I.P.), was the moderator. More than 3,500 people participated in the forums and seminars.

In addition, the “Showcase Area for the 12th Five-Year Plan Environmental Technology Achievements” was hosted by China’s Ministry of Science and Technology, highlighting national technology improvements and developments. Breakthrough technology solutions in air quality monitoring and air pollution control were covered in the exhibition, strengthening Macao’s role as a platform for exchange and collaboration.

During 2017MIECF, the Environmental Protection Department of Guangdong Province and the Environmental Protection Bureau of the Macao SAR Government signed a “2017-2020 Agreement on Environmental Protection Co-operation between Guangdong and Macao”. It aims to promote closer communication and collaboration between the two sides.

The “Green Public Day” on the final day enhanced the MIECF as an event for the general public. The day included well-attended activities for parents and children, as well as performances, producing a lively atmosphere at the venue. The organiser also arranged for the on-site distribution of potted plants, to encourage the public participation in green living. An “Eco-Market” was also held, with eco-friendly products on sale, providing further opportunities for the public to experience a green lifestyle.

 The 11th MIECF will take place from April 12 to 14, 2018.


MIECF remains a “Green Platform” and a creator of business opportunities.


The final day of MIECF, “Green Public Day”, encourages the public to enjoy a green lifestyle.


IPIM arranged for 2017MIECF delegations from the EU and Macao to visit the city of Zhongshan, in Guangdong Province.