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Pan-Pearl River Delta Region Exhibitors Recognise MIECF’s Platform Function, Hoping it to Grow Continuously

Since the first edition of the Macao International Environmental Co-operation Forum and Exhibition (MIECF) in 2008, the governments of the provinces and regions of the Pan-Pearl River Delta Region (PPRD) have been co-organisers of the annual event. Each year, those provinces and regions organised high-level delegations to participate in MIECF, helping it to become a leading branded event on the topic of environmental protection, under the framework of Pan-Pearl River Delta regional co-operation.

A company from Yunnan Province in Mainland China, engaged in a comprehensive range of environmental services, was one of the first-time participants in 2017MIECF. The company’s Marketing Director, Yang Jun, said that in coming to Macao, the company had aimed to promote its water purification systems, which were the fruit of the company’s research and development. The technology involved the absorption of excess nutrients and bacteria in order to create a new biological chain within the water, thus achieving water purification. He pointed out that Europe and the United States were more mature markets in terms of the development of environmental protection. At the 2017MIECF exhibition, the firm was able to fully communicate with environmental protection businesses from around the world. The firm looked forward to MIECF inviting more entities from across the world – that work in the environmental protection sector – to take part in the event, thus enhancing the platform role of MIECF for Mainland Chinese enterprises seeking to “go global”.

Also a first-time MIECF exhibitor attending the 2017 edition was a firm from Jiangxi Province, mainly engaged in heavy metal purification projects. Ge Liya, Chief Engineer, and Heng Kim Soon, Research and Development Engineer, said that the company’s main aims at 2017MIECF were to promote its products and seek potential partners. They had established a lot of contacts while in Macao, and regarded the city as a very good platform for business.

A Guangdong Province enterprise engaging in the treatment of industrial wastewater and domestic sewage was also participating in MIECF for the first time. The company executive believed that MIECF had helped to improve their visibility. The executive recognised the work of MIECF in terms of information sharing and development of communication with the industry. The exhibitors had been given – via MIECF – a good opportunity to market their products and services. The executive believed that positive effect would be enhanced by an increase in the number of professional visitors and of countries taking part in MIECF. He was convinced that MIECF would continue to grow and develop, so that its role as a bridge and platform would more fully come into play.


PPRD Region exhibitors recognise the platform function of MIECF.