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Exhibitors and Enterprises Express Satisfaction with 2017MIECF

After three consecutive days of the 2017 Macao International Environmental Co-operation Forum and Exhibition (2017MIECF), the event has come to a successful close today (1 April). Many of its exhibitors and participating enterprises have used this “Green Platform” to co-operate and to build network of contacts, and have expressed their satisfaction with MIECF and satisfaction at achieving their desired results.

The three days of 2017MIECF witnessed the signing of a total of 44 agreements. Among them, one local enterprise signed a co-operation agreement with a company from Zhuhai, enabling the introduction to Macao of technology for automated watercraft. Zhou Zhiyong, Brand Director of the Zhuhai enterprise, said that it was the fifth time his company had participated in MIECF. He said that in the context of favourable policy environment of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, the company had successfully achieved its aim of co-operating with Macao enterprises. In addition to the introduction to Macao of its products and technology, his company also had the opportunity via 2017MIECF to open itself up to overseas markets, he said. Kwan Wai Lam, Director of the local enterprise/partner, said automated watercraft technology can be used for high-tech products that assist in several areas, including: water measurement, water analysis and water quality inspection. The technology can also use satellite communications to collect data and refer it to a data analysis centre. Mr Kwan believed that the technology could be applied in Macao to the management of its maritime waters. He revealed that there were also plans to promote the technology to Portuguese-speaking Countries.

Enterprises Expanding Business Opportunities via MIECF Platform

During 2017MIECF, a local company signed with a Hong Kong company as a new agent for a British-branded maker of hand-drying equipment. Hong Seng Leong, Managing Director of the local company, said that the product would be targeted at hotels and shopping malls. He said the product had the advantage of energy-saving performance and good price, so he believed it would have good prospects in the market. In addition, a local health product company signed co-operation agreements – involving the production of ‘green food’ – with enterprises from Foshan in Guangdong, and Taiwan respectively at this year’s MIECF. The Chairperson of the company, Wong Weng Keng, said it had reached out to the above-mentioned enterprises via MIECF – an annual exhibition coordinated by Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute (IPIM) – and had successfully negotiated with the two enterprises via business-matching sessions at the “Green Matching”. As a result, two projects would soon be implemented.

Another local enterprise – via this year’s MIECF – had successfully co-operated with an Italian garden design company. The General Manager of the local enterprise, Ng Kei Nin and its Deputy General Manager, Sun Wun, said that they hoped to introduce certain green technology from Italy and apply it to a real estate project in Macao involving the construction of a vertical ‘green garden’. The introduction of the technology was in order to enhance the quality of the real estate project, while promoting the development of environmental protection in Macao.

MIECF Matches Expectations: Exhibitors

This year’s “Green Showcase” area covered approximately 16,900 square metres, attracting the participation of more than 450 exhibitors from 17 different countries and regions. Among them were exhibitors from Portuguese-speaking Countries. One of them, the Portuguese Water Partnership, is a water resources organisation from Portugal with more than 130 members, including public institutions, private enterprises and universities. It engages in various water resource management activities, as well as being involved with equipment and management projects. Its Partner Manager, Inês Trindade, said it was the first time the Portuguese Water Partnership had taken part in MIECF. The Partnership hoped to access the Mainland China market and lay the foundations for future co-operation, she added.

A Hong Kong company exhibiting at MIECF for the third time said that, at this year’s exhibition, it had mainly promoted the company’s barrel machine. The company Manager, Lou Wai Cheng, said the machine can be used to empty rubbish bins, reducing the risk of strain to the human body caused by doing such work manually. The machine is portable, making it suitable for hotel use, she said. During the exhibition the firm had made contact with some procurement departments of large hotels, and so the firm was happy with that outcome, she added.

Hong Mei A is the Marketing Director of a local online rental platform making its first appearance at MIECF. She explained that via the firm’s platform, users could upload information about domestic items surplus to the requirements of the owner but available for rent to others: thus reducing waste. She said that, during the exhibition, many people had expressed strong interest in the concept of the platform. The firm also received many inquiries, thus achieving its goal of promoting the rental platform via the exhibition.

At the Czech Pavilion, a new feature in MIECF this year, one of the exhibiting companies – a first-time exhibitor – was a specialist in biomass technology and carbon reduction. Stephen Michael Pratt, the company’s Sales Manager, said that the company’s facilities were very suitable for use in large-scale buildings, like hotels. The firm’s main goal was to get more publicity and get to know more about the markets of Hong Kong, Macao, Mainland China and even the Southeast Asia region, and to seek investment or production partners. Thus MIECF was very successful for the firm, with many companies expressing interest in its products. He believed that further co-operation would be achieved. Next year the firm would surely return to MIECF as an exhibitor, he added.

Participants Praise the Rich Content and Well-designed Services of the Exhibition

Henry Hung, from a Hong Kong firm engaging in environmental protection said that he had participated in 5-6 editions of MIECF. He had done so because he knew the Macao SAR Government attached great importance to the event. MIECF exhibitions were not only rich in content, but also via the MIECF platform he had access to environmental protection industries from around the world, and was able to receive the latest information on the industry. Via MIECF he had also worked and collaborated with manufacturers of environmental testing equipment from the Mainland and Singapore. He praised the MIECF organiser for the well-thought-out services, including involvement of hosted buyers and professional buyers. He noted that this year was the 10th anniversary of MIECF, with the new “Green Exchange” platform and the “Pan-Pearl River Delta Region (PPRD) Session” of the “Green Forum” leaving him the biggest impression during the event.


Many exhibitors expressed satisfaction with their participation in this year’s exhibition.


Participants praised the rich content and thoughtfully-designed services of the exhibition.


Many enterprises use MIECF as a platform to expand their business opportunities.


Representatives from Pan-Pearl River Delta provinces and regions continue their energetic support to the MIECF this year.