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Thank you for your interest in joining the Macao International Environmental Co-operation Forum and Exhibition. 

Information is now available for download:


2017MIECF Post-Event Summary (High resolution PDF, 23.8MB;   Compressed PDF, 10.2MB)

e-Event Guide 

Presentation/ Speech Download


For Exhibitors:

Exhibitor Manual (PDF, 13.83MB)

Sales Brochure (PDF, 5.36MB)

Exhibitor Registration Form (PDF, 154KB)

Signing Ceremony Application Form (PDF,165KB)


2017MIECF Index of Forms (WORD, 341KB)

2017MIECF Rules & Regulations  (WORD, 990KB)

Form 1 Booth Layout (Shell Scheme)  (WORD, 1142KB)

Form 2 Raw Space Exhibitors (WORD, 336KB)

Form 3 Furniture Items Rental (WORD, 379KB)

Form 4 Electrical Items Rental (WORD, 370KB)

Form 5 Telecom Items Rental (WORD, 362KB)

Form 6A Contractor Declaration Form (For Raw Space Booth Use Only) (WORD, 311KB)

Form 6B Non Official Contractor Badges  (WORD, 317KB)

Form 7 Hanging Services (WORD, 343KB)

Form 8 Material Handling & Equipment Rental (WORD, 374KB)

Form 9 Exhibitor Badges (WORD, 345KB)

Form 10 Manual Advertising (WORD, 357KB)

Form 11 Hosted Buyer Program (WORD, 377KB)

Form 12 Booth Hostess (WORD, 352KB)

Form 13 Hotel Registration Form (WORD, 392KB)

Transport Guidelines & Shipping Tariff (WORD, 843KB)

Shipping List of Exhibits (EXCEL, 775KB)

Deduction of Site Work and Waste Disposal Deposit (WORD, 309KB)

Electrical Items Sample (PDF, 633KB)

Furniture Items Sample (PDF, 1.77MB)


For Delegates:

Delegate Registration Form (WORD, 337KB)

Delegate Brochure (PDF, 4.5MB)


For Trade Visitors:

Trade Visitor Brochure (PDF, 4MB)