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Technical Visit

Technical Visit


Introduction to the Technical Visit


Macao Typical Electronic Waste Pilot Treatment Equipment

Under the cooperative mechanism of the “Working Group on Energy Conservation and Environmental Friendly Technology and Industries” of the “Mainland-Macao Science and Technology Cooperation Committee”, the Macao Environmental Protection Bureau (DSPA) and Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) of the People’s Republic of China entrusted Tsinghua University to initiate the project “Pilot project for Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) management and pollution control in Macao” in 2010 to 2011. From the end of 2014 to 2016, a further project “Application of Pilot Treatment Equipment for Typical Electronic Waste and Subsequent Research in Macao” was initiated by both parties. Based on the results of the above mentioned study projects, it had first developed the mobile treatment equipment aimed for the treatment of computer and TV sets, including two mobile devices for the treatment of waste monitors and waste printed circuit boards, and thereafter, the treatment scope had been further extended to waste office equipment (including printer/copier/fax machine) and mobile phones. This treatment equipment is known as “Macao Typical Electronic Waste Pilot Treatment Equipment”

Through the implementation of Macao Typical Electronic Waste Pilot Treatment Equipment, an assessment for the environmentally sound treatment and resource recycling technologies for waste computers, TV sets, office equipment and mobile phones has been carried out, which helps improving the treatment of the e-waste in Macao.

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Minister of MOST, Dr. Wan Gang visited
Macao Typical Electronic Waste Pilot
Treatment Equipment in 2012

Vice Minister of MOST, Dr. Xu Nan-Ping visited
 Macao Typical Electronic Waste Pilot
Treatment Equipment in 2016

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Waste mobile phone and cartridge dismantling platform

The dismantling materials after the treatment processes by the Macao Typical Electronic Waste Pilot Treatment Equipment


Sands® Cotai Central

The Sands Cotai Central, opened in April of 2012, implements numerous sustainability measures under the Sands ECO360° global sustainability strategy, by installing LED lights and optimizing heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems, etc., which has resulted in significant improvements in their environmental footprint such as – 30 million kWh net energy reduction (equivalent to power up 6,250+ household every month), an average of 13% carbon emission reduction, 90+ million gallons of water reduction (equivalent to 136 Olympic size swimming pools), 19% waste recycling, and many more. In waste management issue, the company purchased innovative food waste digester machines to convert large volumes of food scraps into bio-water, joined the Glass Recycling Project organized by the Government and had an ongoing partnership with Clean the World for soap recycling initiative. The Sands has shaped sustainability as a “corporate culture” through 200+ action plans, 300,000+ pledges from team members, including building of 100,000 hygiene kits, community programs, etc.

Conrad, Sheraton, and Holiday Inn Hotel in Sands Cotai Central was Gold certified by Macao’s Green Hotel Awards before, Energy Savings Excellence Award in 2014 and 2015, utilities provider of Macao demonstrating the integrated resort’s ongoing commitment and efforts in promoting property-wide initiatives toward environmental sustainability. Its parent company Sands China Ltd. was the winner of the IMEX-GMIC Green Supplier Award in 2014 as well as the Green China Award 2014 for Outstanding Sustainable Development Enterprise. Sands China was recognized by several ranking agencies such as Newsweek (ranked at No. 2 in worldwide hospitality industry in 2016).

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Central Cooling / Heating Plant

Food Waste Digester

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Sustainability Board

Recycling Materials Treatment Point