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Forum Program

Updated as of 12th April 2018

Day 1: 12th April 2018 (Thursday)


2018MIECF Opening Ceremony
Ballroom G-L (Level 3)


Welcome Speech
Ballroom G-L (Level 3)


Keynote Address
Invited VIPs (Key Government Official from Special Supporting Organisations)
Ballroom G-L (Level 3)


Keynote Speech
Ms. Christiana Figueres
Ballroom G-L (Level 3)


Green Showcase
Expo Hall A & B (Level 1)


Green Business Co-operation Day
Sicily Room 2401-2502 (Level 1)


Session 1
Sicily Room 2401-2502 (Level 1)

Green Economy – The Sustainable Tourism

The international tourism continues to grow at a sustainable pace, boosting development opportunities in many regions. To ensure sustainable growth, it is advocated that the model of tourism development should take full account of its environmental, economic and social cultural impacts. This session will take a close look at some local and overseas examples. Sharing on how different sectors, including site management, hospitality, catering, retail and others, implement green products, technologies and solutions. Exploring opportunity in cost-effective ways to achieve sustainable tourism development.

Mr. António Trindade, Founding President of Macao Association of Environmental Protection Industry (Macao, China)

Mr. Des Pugson, Managing Director of Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts (Singapore)

Mr. Tim Huang, CEO – Greater China of SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions (Mainland China)

Mr. Victor C. Li, Vice President of Hong Kong Environmental Industry Association, Business Development Director of Dunwell Enviro-Tech (Holdings) Ltd. (Hong Kong, China)

Mr. Brian Jia, Senior Sales Manager Hong Kong and Macau business department BYD Asia Pacific Division(Macao, China)

Mr. He Hanbing, IT Division General Manager of Macao Newland Technology Co., Ltd. (Macao, China)


Session 2

Sicily Room 2401-2502 (Level 1)

New Pattern in MICE Industry under Eco-Cities Model

MICE events are the showcase for different industries, products and technologies, and are considered as a pioneer in promoting environmental protection in many places. The concept of green MICE has become the new trend in recent years. This session has invited local and overseas insiders, to explore the applications of green technologies and management. Promoting low-carbon MICE operation, in order to drive the construction of eco-city.

Mr. Tony Lam, President of Macau Fair & Trade Association (Macao, China)


Mr. Zhang Zhe, Deputy Director of Exhibition Industry Promotion Division, Circulation Industry Promotion Center, MOFCOM (Mainland China)

Dr. Shirlena Soh, Executive Director of the Singapore Association of Convention and Exhibition Organisers and Suppliers (SACEOS) (Singapore)

Mr. Mark Cochrane, UFI Regional Manager, Asia Pacific (Hong Kong, China)

Mr. Rishi Tirupari, Director of Sustainability, Sands China Ltd. (Macao, China)

Prof. Michael K. H. Leung, Associate Dean and Professor, School of Energy and Environment (Research and Graduate Studies), Director, Ability R&D Energy Research Centre (AERC) (Hong Kong, China)


Business Exchange & Refreshments

Sicily Room 2403-2503 (Level 1)


Signing Ceremony

Expo Hall A Macao Pavilion (Level 1)


Day 2: 13th April 2018 (Friday)


Green Showcase

Expo Hall A & B (Level 1)


Green Forum


Session 3

Sicily Room 2401-2502 (Level 1)

Sustainable and Resilient Eco-Cities – Key Challenges and Opportunities


Part I: From Design to Reality – Exploring Eco-Cities Case Studies

In the 1970s, the eco-city meant “An eco-city is an ecologically healthy city, meaning that the city design is strongly informed by knowledge of ecology and its design principles”. Nowadays, eco-cities are defined as “Cities that create economic opportunities for their citizens in an inclusive, sustainable, and resource-efficient way, while also protecting and nurturing the local ecology and global public goods, such as the environment, for future generations.”
A host of other factors influence the rise of the modern eco-city, such as affordability and demand on the parts of the general public and government policymakers, along with energy-and resource-efficiency and land conservation.
Therefore, this session aims to discuss the strategies and policies that will support the creation of a sustainable and resilient eco-city, as well as sharing the challenges of implementation.



Ms. Alexandra Ferreira de Carvalho, Secretary-General of the Ministry of Environment of Portugal (Portugal)

Session Keynote Speaker:

Mr. Li Jun, Deputy Division Chief, Ministry of Ecology and Environment of the People’s Republic of China (China)
Topic: Exploration and Practice of Building Ecological Civilization Demonstration Cities and Counties in China

Professor Ellen van Bueren, Professor of Delft University of Technology (Netherlands)
Topic: Local Implementation of Integrated Urban Solutions: Lessons from the Netherlands

Professor Dong Ke, Director of Research Institute of Eco-city, China Academy of Urban Planning and Design (Mainland China)
Topic: Studies and Projects of Eco-city

Professor John Thwaites, Professor of Monash Sustainable Development Institute (Australia)
Topic: Water, the Sustainable Development Goals and the Future of Cities


Coffee Break


Part II: Relationship between Green Buildings & Eco-Cities

As the world’s urban population increases, architects and planners are constantly mapping out ways to make cities more ecological. Cities produce a vast amount of emissions and waste, putting a strain on both human health and ecological environment.
High-density urban areas can be more energy efficient and pollute less if green methods are used in design and construction. Solutions can cover approaches to managing energy consumption in heating, cooling, and transportation, and transitioning from traditional to renewable sources of energy.
The benefits are undoubtedly beneficial for all – climate mitigation, cleaner air, better health, economic development and job creation and increased energy security.
This session will discuss the challenges for cities in terms of energy consumption and sourcing, as well as roadmaps towards a low carbon growth, exploring the latest innovative technology and strategies for green buildings that will benefit cities in the long term.

Dr. Wong Seng Fat, Assistant Professor, Department of Electromechanical Engineering, Faculty of Science and Technology, University of Macau (Macao, China)

Session Keynote Speaker:
Dr. Ouyang Zhiyun, Director – Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences (Mainland China)
Topic: Urban Ecology and Ecological City

Ms. Li Xiaohua, Deputy Director-General, Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau (Mainland China)
Topic: Green Space and Eco-city

Professor Manuel Duarte Pinheiro, Técnico Lisboa, University of Lisbon (Portugal)
Topic: Sustainable Factorial Opportunities from Green Buildings to Eco-cities. Portuguese Approaches and Examples.

Mr. Mark Ginsberg, Senior Fellow of US Green Building Council (USA)
Topic: LEED and Arc as Tools to Measure Performance of Buildings and Cities

Mr. Tony Ip, Green Building Faculty Member of the Hong Kong Green Building Council (Hong Kong, China)
Topic: Green Neighbourhood in High-density High-rise Contexts


Session 4

Florence Room 2201-2302 (Level 1)

Green Finance Innovation to Achieve Sustainable Development
(Co-organized with Monetary Authority of Macao (AMCM))

Some of the most influential people from the governmental, academic, financial and environmental sectors converge for the forum to discuss the development experience and latest trends in green finance, share opinions and offer advices and suggestions for the development of Macao’s green finance. It provides participants with an excellent platform to share the latest information, explore cutting-edge business opportunities, and develop social network.
The forum will present the following topics: experience sharing of development of green finance and construction of green eco-city area; demand of global green investment and financing and the forefront of green finance; construction and policies of green finance system; and the development path of Macao’s green finance and policy suggestions.

Mr. Vong Lap Fong, Executive Director of the Board of Directors of the Monetary Authority of Macao (Macao, China)

Session Keynote Speaker:
Dr. Ma Jun, Chairman of Green Finance Committee of China Society for Finance and Banking (Mainland China)
Topic: Green Finance Initiatives in China and under the G20

Dr. José Agostinho de Matos, Advisor to the Board, Bank of Portugal (Portugal)
Topic: “Green Finance: a Central Banker’s Perspective”

Mr. Youlin Zhang, Deputy Director, Beijing Municipal Bureau of Financial Work (Mainland China)
Topic: Developing green finance. Deepening the cooperation between Beijing and Macao

Mr. Hei WeiGang, Director of Financial Research Division of the People’s Bank of China (PBOC) Guangzhou Branch (Mainland China)
Topic: Practices and Experience of Guangdong in Advancing Green Finance Reform and Innovation


Mr. Li Guang, Chairman of The Macau Association of Banks (Macao, China)
Topic: Focus on the principle of green development, Accelerate the grow of characteristics finance


Keynote Speaker Special Session

Sicily Room 2401-2502 (Level 1)

Industry Insights with Ms. Christiana Figueres

Shaping Tomorrow’s Eco-cities

The ambitious 2015 Paris Agreement has inspired traction in the transition to low-carbon green economy and to reverse the effects of climate change by 2020. One of the potential solutions is to promote economic transition away from carbon-intensive economic and consumption patterns in cities. Ms. Christiana Figueres will discuss how global eco-cities can collaborate to reduce emission levels, and the opportunities arising from ensuring that the targets set in the Agreement will become reality.

Professor Kou Kun Pang, Vice Chairman of the Consultative Committee of Environment of Macao Special Administrative Region Government (Macao, China)

Keynote Speaker:
Ms. Christiana Figueres


  • Vice-Chair, Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy
  • Board Member, ClimateWorks
  • Climate Leader, World Bank
  • Senior Fellow, Conservation International
  • Convenor, Mission2020



Session 5

Florence Room 2201-2302 (Level 1)

Green Chemical Forum – Control and Treatment of VOCs Pollution in Petrochemical Industry


Mr. Ye Hao, China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation (Mainland China)


Mr. Chen Dingsheng, South China Institute of Environmental Sciences (SCIES), Ministry of Environmental Protection(MEP) China (Mainland China)
Topic: VOCs Control Policy and Standards

Mr. Gu Zongqin, President of China National Petroleum &Chemical Industry Planning Institute (Mainland China)
Topic: Analysis on Situation and Development of VOCs Treatment in Domestic Petrochemical Industry

Mr. Zheng Chengyu, Director of Air Pollution Control Institute, Shanghai Environmental Protection Industry Research Institute (Mainland China)
Topic: Development and Breakthrough of Air Pollution Control Technology

Mr. LiLei, President of Shanghai mechanical and electrical design and research institute (Mainland China)
Topic: Problems to be Concerned in the Process of VOCs Control – Air volume control, equipment selection and safety management

Mr. Chang Bing, Manager of Environmental Protection Department – Shandong Befar Binyang Fule & Chemicals co., LTD (Mainland China)
Topic: How to Enhance Core Competitiveness in the Control and Treatment of VOCs


Session 6

Sicily Room 2401-2502 (Level 1)

Pan-Pearl River Delta Region Session


Part I: Sharing by Representative of PPRD Delegation to Portugal & Germany

Mr. Jiang Xiaoting, President, Sichuan Province Environmental Science Association (Mainland China)


Part II: Introduction of PPRD Region/ Europe Environmental Protection Industry


Ms. Lin Wen, Director, Division of Environmental Monitoring and Technological Standard, Guangdong Environmental Protection Department (Mainland China)
Topic: Focus on the War Against Pollution, Promote Guangdong Environmental Protection Industry to be Bigger and Stronger

Ms. Li Baojuan, Director of Information Department of China Association of Environmental Protection Industry (CAEPI) (Mainland China)
Topic: The Development Trend and Key Demands of China Environmental Protection Industry

Mr. Yao Huiping, Secretary-General of Jiangxi Provincial Environmental Protection Industry Association (Mainland China)
Topic: Some Thoughts on the Development of Environmental Protection Industry in Jiangxi

Mr. Tiago Silva Pereira, Consultant for Business Development, Center for Excellence and Innovation for the automobile industry (CEiiA) (Portugal)
Topic: mobi.me: The Solution for Smart Urban Mobility Management

Mr. Michael Colijn, General Manager Asia, Bekaert Heating Technology (Suzhou) Co. Ltd (Netherlands)
Topic: Making the Skies Blue


Part III: PPRD Environmental Protection Industry Association Panel Sessions (Co-organised with PPRD Environmental Protection Industry Co-operation Commission)


Mr. Ou Yuezhou, Chairman of Guangdong Association of Environmental Protection Industry (Mainland China)

Group 1: Technologies and Case Studies of Urban Water Management


Mr. Huang Fuping, Vice-President and Secretary General of the Guangxi Association of Environmental Protection Industry (Mainland China)
Topic: Treatment of Urban Black and Odorous Water Body in Guangxi

Mr. Liu Guoping, Vice President and General Secretary of Fujian Province Environmental Protection Industry Association (Mainland China)
Topic: The Case Introduction about the Treatment of Inland River in Fujian Province

Mr. Zhao Xijin, Secretary-General of Sichuan Association of Environmental Protection Industry (Mainland China)
Topic: Environmental Protection Industry and Treatment of Water Pollution in Sichuan Province

Mr. Chai Tian, Secretary-General of Hunan Association of Environmental Protection Industry (Mainland China)
Topic: The Remediation of Black Smelly Water in Changsha: Technology and Case Study

Mr. Victor C. Li, Executive Vice Chairmen of Hong Kong Environmental Industry Association (Hong Kong, China)
Topic: Treatment of Water Bodies in Hong Kong Remote Areas

Group 2: Exploring Municipal Waste Management and Practices

Mr. Li Kemei, Secretary-General of Yunnan Association of Environmental Protection Industry (Mainland China)
Topic: Implementing the Concept of “Green Development” and Speed up the Construction of “Beautiful Yunnan” – Discussion on the Management Model of Domestic Waste in Yunnan Province

Li Yuancheng, PhD of Jiangxi Association of Environmental Protection Industry (Mainland China)
Topic: Ecological Cycle and Secure Disposal of Urban Wastes

Mr. Ou Jun, Vice Secretary General of Guangdong Association of Environmental Protection Industry (Mainland China)
Topic: Introduction of Policies and Technicals of Waste Disposal in Guangdong Province

Mr. Yang Qiansheng, Secretary General of Guizhou Association of Environmental Protection Industry (Mainland China)
Topic: Analysis of Household Garbage Classification Management in Guizhou Province

Mr. Kenneth Ao Ieong, Macau Association of Environmental Protection Industry (Macao, China)
Topic: Macau low-carbon development