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Technical Visit

Technical Visit
Macao Electronic Waste Recycling Treatment Facility

To implement the solid waste disposal policy of “Source Reduction and Waste Recycling”, Environmental Protection Bureau (DSPA) launched the “Waste Battery Collection Plan” at the end of 2016 and “Computer and Communication Equipment Recycling Scheme” in October 2017.

The “Waste Battery Collection Plan” has so far set up about 900 collection points in Macao in order to provide the public with the most convenient ways for the recycling of batteries, including Schools, Shops. service points of Organizations, Residential and Commercial Buildings, Public Departments and Public Refuse Disposal Chamber etc.. More than 9,000 kg of batteries have been collected from the commencement of this battery collection plan. DSPA will recycle the used batteries through the cooperation with the recycling facilities of the more developed neighboring regions.

The “Computer and Communication Equipment Recycling Scheme” provides the public with a method to properly recycle and dispose of used computers and communication equipment, in order to promote the recycling of resources and materials. More than 13,000 pieces of used electronic waste have been collected. The collected computer equipment will be sorted and selected. If the computer equipment meets the donation requirement of DSPA, it will be donated to the local charity organizations after certain treatment. The rest will be dismantled by the contractor of the recycling scheme, and components and materials will be shipped to other regions for subsequent recycling. The overall recovery rate of component and material is up to 90% for the aforementioned scheme.

 image001  image003

Mobile Recycling Truck

Computer Dismantling and Classification

image005  image007

Battery Recycling Box

Waste Battery Pretreatment


City of Dreams

City of Dreams is the resort-hotel in Macau to receive the relevant items of Environmental Management System Certifications and has always supported environmental protection and sustainable development Efforts include the installation of LED lamps, optimization of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems, rainwater collection systems and the use of renewable energy. In 2016, it introduced a vertical green wall irrigation system outside the main entrance and artificial bags for plant wrapping. For waste management, a bio-degradable food waste machine was installed in 2013 to convert wastage into organic fertilizer. In addition, it actively participates in environmental protection activities organized by Macau government, such as of glass bottles and Chinese New Year red packets.

NÜWA, The Countdown Hotel and Grand Hyatt Macau under City of Dreams were awarded the “Macau Green Hotel Award” – Gold Award from 2015 to 2018, the “CEM Energy Saving Contest 2013” – Merit Award and the “CEM Energy Saving Concept Award”.

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Rainwater Collection System

Food Waste Decomposer

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Recycling Waste Collection Point

Green Wall