Promoting Ecological Civilization and Green Development

The 2019 Macao International Environmental Co-operation Forum and Exhibition (2019MIECF) will be held from 28 to 30 March 2019 (Thursday to Saturday)!

With “Promoting Ecological Civilization and Green Development” as its theme, the 2019MIECF plays a pivotal role in promoting regional green economic exchanges and co-operation through case sharing, policy analysis, technology display and business exchange, with the objectives of accelerating the shaping of the environment, industrial structures, modes of production, and ways of life that are conducive to resource conservation and environmental protection.

2019MIECF Highlights and Key Programmes
Green Forum
Exploring “Promoting ecological civilization and green development” from a wide-reaching perspective, green forums cover topics including ecological civilization, water management and green finance. Government officials,decision makers from well-known companies and experts from around the world have been invited to share their insights into corporate strategy, industry trends and policy updates.
Green Showcase
Featuring environmental products and solutions, technologies and best practices for ecological civilization and green development.
Green Business Matching and Networking Activities
Tailor-made business matching and networking opportunities for communication with government officials, manufacturers, researchers, users and funding institutions.
Green Business Co-operation Day
Exploring “New Opportunities in the Eco Bay Area – Creating Green Energy Cities”, leaders and representatives from the green energy industries will be invited to share their experience and valuable insight through a variety of activities including a forum session, networking session and a signing ceremony.
Green Public Day
Environmentally-friendly living concept and a low-carbon lifestyle will be explained to the general public through a variety of activities.