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2021MIECF Towards a Green and Low Carbon New Era

The 2021 Macao International Environmental Co-operation Forum & Exhibition (2021MIECF) will be held from 5 to 7 August. This year’s MIECF, under the theme “Towards a Green and Low Carbon New Era”, will further integrate online and offline elements, helping enterprises break through spatial and geographical boundaries and explore green business opportunities together.

With the National Development and Reform Commission of the People’s Republic of China, the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China, and the Ministry of Ecology and Environment of the People’s Republic of China as special supporting organisations, the 2021MIECF is co-organised by the governments of the Pan-Pearl River Delta Region and co-ordinated by the Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute (IPIM) and the Environmental Protection Bureau (DSPA). It will continue to serve as an international green platform to facilitate the integration of industries, universities and research institutes and the transformation of scientific and technological research outcome following government guidance, to promote international exchange and co-operation on environmental protection among various sectors, and to give impetus to the new development paradigm of “dual circulation” of the green economy. This year’s MIECF is to be held at The Venetian Macao.

In response to the new business forms amid the pandemic, this year’s MIECF will enhance the online-offline integration model and hold a series of activities, including the Green Forum, the Green Showcase, the Green Business Co-operation Day, the Green Matching, networking activities and the Green Public Day. Also, it will incorporate a more diverse array of online activities, such as online exhibition, online business matching, online protocol signing, and conference live streaming, to optimise participants’ experience. More than 400 exhibitors will participate in the online exhibition, presenting over 610 exhibits; the offline exhibition covers an area of around 13,000 square metres, accommodating over 600 booths and more than 290 exhibitors.

The 2021MIECF has invited Dong Mingzhu, Chairperson and President of Gree Electric Appliances, Inc. of Zhuhai and the UN’s “Messenger of Sustainable Urban Development”, as the keynote speaker. She will deliver a keynote speech under the theme “The transformation of manufacturing industry under the ‘double carbon’ target” at the opening ceremony.

On the first two days of the 2021MIECF, there will be four sessions of the Green Forum covering four topics, in which nearly 30 guests from different municipalities, provinces, and regions are invited to be moderators and guest speakers. They will share their views on “Accelerating Commercialisation of Technological Innovation, Mainstreaming Green Manufacturing and Lifestyles”, “The ’14th Five-Year’ Environmental Plan and the Path to the Future”, “Pan-Pearl River Delta Environmental Protection Industry Conference for Co-operation and Exchange”, and “Clean Energy, Clean Air: an Investment for the Future”, in order to enhance the industry’s understanding of sustainable development and environmental protection in relevant industries.

Introducing the “Green Mobility Zone” to encourage green transport

This year’s MIECF will introduce a “Green Mobility Zone” and display over 50 eco-friendly alternative fuel vehicles together with associated equipment and technologies, and 30 brands of electric vehicles and motorcycles will be participating in the exhibition. Meanwhile, the 2021MIECF will continue to offer the “Greenovation Zone”, which will display eco-friendly cleaning robots, intelligent waste sorting and recycling systems, and other innovation projects in environmental protection. The participants can thus explore business opportunities and make good use of the MIECF’s role as an international green platform.

Offering a 14-day online business matching service

The Green Matching is an important part of MIECF. The 2021MIECF will promote green co-operation among enterprises through online business matching, the mobile application Scan2Match, and the “Online Business Matching Service Platform” (https://bm.ipim.gov.mo). A 14-day online business matching service will be offered before the event, from 25 July to 7 August, helping exhibitors and buyers establish business contact and negotiate online to explore business co-operation opportunities. In addition, on the second day of MIECF, there will be a Government Guided Tour and a Government Procurement Matching Session to allow government departments to be better informed of the latest environmental technologies, products and developments, as well as to enhance co-operation and exchange between the government and industry on environmental protection. Moreover, there will be green matching sessions on “electric vehicles” and “eco-friendly tableware” to bring in more eco-friendly products to Macao.

The Green Public Day will be held on the last day of MIECF (7 August), providing the general public free admission to learn about the latest environmental developments and technologies. A series of on-site promotional and educational activities related to environmental protection will also be offered, encouraging the public to choose a green lifestyle and raise their awareness of environmental protection in daily life.

To encourage green transport, the 2021MIECF will offer free shuttle buses (all-electric ones) on four routes on the Green Public Day travelling between Central Macao, Northern Macao, Taipa, and the event venue. More details are available on the official website http://www.macaomiecf.com/


The press conference of the 2021 Macao International Environmental Co-operation Forum & Exhibition is held today (3 August)

Under the theme “Towards a Green and Low Carbon New Era”, the 2021MIECF further integrates online and offline elements

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