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Thank you for your interest in joining the Macao International Environmental Co-operation Forum and Exhibition.

Information is now available for download:


2019MIECF Post-Event Summary (High resolution PDF, 26MB; Compressed PDF, 5.32MB)




2021MIECF Brochure (PDF, 3.13MB)

Exhbitor Registration From (WORD, 6.15KB)



Exhibitor Manual:

2021MIECF Index of Forms (PDF,386KB)


Form 1 Booth Layout (Shell Scheme – 9sqm) (PDF,397KB)

Form 2 Raw Space Exhibitors (PDF,249KB)

Form 3 Furniture Items Rental (PDF,261KB)

Form 4 Electrical Items Rental (PDF,480KB)

Form 5 Telecom Items Rental (PDF,368KB)

Form 6A Contractor Declaration Form (PDF,138KB)

Form 6B Non-official Stand Contractor Badges (PDF,230KB)

Form 7 Hanging Services (PDF,331KB)

Form 8 Material Handling & Equipment Rental (PDF,338KB)

Form 9 Exhibitor Badges (PDF,231KB)

Form 10 Event Guide Advertising Form (PDF,322KB)

Form 11 Hosted Buyer Program (PDF,291KB)

Form 12 Booth Hostess (PDF,249KB)

Form 13 Hotel Registration Form (PDF,261KB)

Transport Guidelines & Shipping Tariff (PDF,608KB)

Case Label,Form B,Form C Transport Guidelines, Shipping Tariff and Forms (EXCEL,96.1KB)

App.1 Deduction of “Site Work and Waste Disposal Deposit” (PDF,391KB)